What Does Steering Wheel Warning Light Mean?

Why Does Steering Wheel Warning Light Turn On?, How to Turn Steering Wheel Warning Light Off?

In vehicles with hydraulic and / or electric steering systems, problems and failures that occur in the system can be seen on the instrument panel with the red steering wheel mark on the instrument panel.

The most common faults about Hydrolic Wheel Warning Light are listed below:

Why Does Steering Wheel Warning Light Turn On?

  • If the steering hydraulic oil is low, the warning light will usually goes on.
  • Steering pump fuse may have some problems.
  • The steering power socket may be loose.
  • The steering pump may be malfunctioning in the electrical installation.
  • Steering pump malfunction can appear.
  • ATF oil hoses located between power and steering box may have cracks, leaks, or blockages.

All of the above possibilities may be caused by the red steering wheel being lit on the car dashboard.

Important Steps To Be Checked:

There are a number of practical ways and points that you can control as vehicle owners.

If the Steering Fail Lamp is illuminated in your vehicle, first perform the following checks.

  • Check the steering hydraulic oil level by opening the vehicle hood.
  • Observe if there is an ATF oil leak under the vehicle.
  • Check for unusual sounds from the pump. If there is sound, stop the engine and see the service.
  • Check whether there is steering wheel turning sound. If yes, stop the vehicle and contact the service.
  • Check steering wheel hardening. If it is harder than normal and hard to turn, stop the car and talk to the service.

It is recommended that you do not use the car if the Steering Fail Light is lit. This malfunction can jeopardize driving safety. For this reason, it is recommended that the repair should be done as soon as possible, taking into account the fault and not being neglected.

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