What Does Tyre Pressure Monitoring Warning Light Mean?

Why Does Tyre Pressure Monitoring Warning Light Come On? & How to Turn Tyre Pressure Monitoring Warning Light Off?

Thanks to the Tire Pressure Control System, when you are driving with your car, if the air of your tires is going down due to any reason, a symbol that resembles a horseshoe that stands in reverse on the display screen will appear.

In some vehicles, the air rates on the tires are also on fire if they are not even.

Proper tire pressure is important both for safety and fuel economy.

Equilibrium, road holding, braking distances, fuel consumption, tire life, etc. directly affect tire pressures. In short, the right pressure value is important for both safety and fuel economy.

Why Does Tyre Pressure Monitoring Warning Light Come On?

The Tire Pressure system is located inside the tire on the rubber dispenser. There are 4 sensors in the system. It works by communicating with the wireless signal through the battery inside and one of the receiver.

The sensor sends a tire pressure warning signal and the tire pressure sensor illuminates when the sensor has decreased the pressure by 25% from the tire pressure value set by the manufacturer or when it has decreased to a predetermined pressure value.

Besides, the sensor not only measures the temperature but also measures the temperature inside the tire. Due to the low temperature in very cold weather, sometimes the TPMS warning may turn on, but the warning will go off after the tire has been warmed up a bit.

When the system goes below the specified pressure value, it ignites the ignition signal for 1 or 4 wheels. The tire pressure check requires correcting the tire pressures with a timely reminder message.

How to Turn Tyre Pressure Monitoring Warning Light Off?

  • The driver must check the pressure of the vehicle’s tires before turning off the tire pressure sensor warning.
  • You can reset the tire pressure sensor if the air in all the tires is all at the same pressure.
  • There is no need to take the vehicle to the service center to reset the lubrication pressure sensor.
  • The tire pressure warning indicator can be turned off by pressing the reset key.
  • In vehicles, the tire pressure sensor reset button is shaped like an inverted bell in some vehicles.

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