Fog Light Symbol | Front and Rear Fog Light Symbol and Use

Headlights are the systems that help drivers to drive safely not only in clear weather but also at night when visibility is low and in harsh winter conditions. Since the most basic function of the headlights is to ensure that the drivers continue to drive safely, it is necessary for the drivers to be well aware of which headlights to use when and how.

There are three basic types of headlights: daytime, nighttime and high beam. However, there are also headlights known as fog lights. Using fog lights at the right moments is important not only for the safety of drivers, but also for the safety of other vehicles in the traffic. So, what is the fog light, what does the fog light do, how does the fog light turn on and when does the fog light turn on? Here are the answers to all these questions in our article!

Front and Rear Fog Light Symbol

1-) It is a warning lights that indicates that the Front Fog Light is on.

2-) It is a warning lights that indicates that the Rear Fog Light is on.

Fog Light Symbol – Rear Fog Light Symbol – Front Fog Light Symbol and Use

The headlights that help to see the lane lines and signs better in foggy, rainy and heavy snowfall weather conditions with reduced visibility are called fog lights. Whether the headlight technology in the vehicle is LED, xenon or halogen, these headlights have difficulty in providing efficient lighting due to condensation that occurs in rain or fog. In this context, the fog lights located in the front section are positioned closer to the ground in the car compared to the other headlights, increasing the surface illumination.

The main function of the fog lights in the rear is actually quite critical in terms of preventing accidents. Because the fog lights in the rear section attract the attention of the driver behind and warn him when the visibility is low. Thus, possible accidents are prevented from occurring.

The purpose of front fog lights is to see, not to be seen, the purpose of rear fog lights is to be seen.

The fog light switch differs from vehicle to vehicle. However, the buttons for turning the fog light on and off are usually located on the left handle of the steering wheel. In some vehicles, it may be located in the form of a button in the lower left part of the steering wheel.

Turning the fog light once will activate the front fog light, turning it a second time will activate the rear fog light. The rear fog light does not activate on vehicles without the front fog light on. For all these, which headlight is on can be followed from the front instrument panels.


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