Diesel Particulate Filter Warning Light: What Does DPF Mean and How to Cleaner?

The Particulate Filter in diesel vehicles that is used to filter out harmful substances. These are the result of burning to a maximum extent before being thrown out of the vehicle, in order to give lessen the risk of fire and human health.

This piece specifically ignites the unburned fuel in itself before it is discharged from the exhaust and burns it apart. Later, it releases these items which encapsulates into harmless environment.

Why Does Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Warning Light Came On?

Continuous use of the vehicle at short distances and on the road causes this piece to not to self-clean and become get clogged. In this case, the following diesel particulate filter warning lamp lights up in the indicator panel of the vehicle.

When this diesel particulate warning light is ON, the vehicle may give some warning indication.

Most common problems of diesel particulate fitler;

  • Decrease of traction power of vehicle,
  • Bad smell from exhaust,
  • Idle speed increasing,
  • Increased fuel consumption.

For this faulty solution, the ”Diesel Particulate Filter” needs to be cleaned. In addition, if the diesel particulate filter and the engine malfunction lamp are lit at the same time, more serious troubles may have occurred, so it would be more useful to take your vehicle to the service.

How to Clean Diesel Particulate Filter?

There are 4 ways to clean the diesel particulate filter;

  1. Driving at a constant speed of 65-70 km on average 15 minutes. [Should be no traffic]
  2. Low-gear and high-speed use of the vehicle for a while.
  3. Chemical Cleaning (Additives that are usually put in the fuel tank will help this problem.)
  4. Cleaning the vehicle by bringing it to auto service and connecting it to technical devices.

Why do Drivers Cancel Diesel Particulate Filter?

Some drivers may want to remove the diesel particulate filter from their diesel vehicle.

There are 2 main reasons for this situation.

  1. Performance

Some vehicle owners think the vehicle will improve the performance of removing the diesel particulate filter. There is no test proving this situation and approved by the related institutions.

  1. Cost

Vehicle owners also think that the particulate filter is cheaper than replacing the filter when it is defective and cancels it. This may cause further damage to the engine’s operating system in the future as the vehicle is replaced with the original.

Does Diesel Particulate Filter Removal Give Damage to Car?

Using modified vehicle is not right. Whatever happens, our health, our children, our living spaces and nature are more valuable than anything.

Please note this issue. Do not forget to use this part in your vehicles..

Are there any harm on the other side?

All parts of the vehicles are designed to adapt to each other and all parts are adjusted according to this system. The engine’s brain is responsible for all these parts working together. Canceling this part can affect your car’s operating system and cause a number of faults.

The most common problems are; the burning of the engine brain’s, fault detection and failure lamp, the irregularity of the engine operating system due to the improper emission values, increased fuel consumption and etc..

What is Diesel Particulate Liquid? How It Works?

Particulate liquid; By raising the temperature of the particulate filter, it is the liquid that allows the bodies that are collected by the filter to be burned and exhausted.

The motor brains regulate the level of particle fluid. When the gas pressure entering the particulate filter is greater than the outlet gas pressure, the engine brain transmits particulate filter fluid. With this liquid, the temperature of the particulate filter increases and the formed bodies are burnt out.

When Should We Change Diesel Particulate Filter Liquid?

Particulate liquid, if the vehicle is not used continuously at short distances at low revs, eg: 80 – 90 thousand Not Necessary. These km values are average and may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

The actual mileage information to be changed may have been written in the manual of your vehicle, but you can get this information from the authorized service center. It is strongly recommended that the particle liquid be replaced with the original liquid.

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