Airbag Warning Light: What Does Airbag Warning Light Mean?

Why Does Airbag Warning Light Come On? How to Turn Airbag Warning Light Off?

The airbag is a hardware that deals with our safety rather than an accident, so in case of a malfunction it is certainly a worrying situation. It is a nightmare for the people who want to buy a car with airbag problem.

Everyone will come to the thought of whether there is actually a problem with the airbag lamps. Why does this airbag warning light show up? How can the airbag lamp be turned off? What causes the airbag warning light turn to flash? etc.

We will share the answers of these all questions.

1-) Airbag Malfunction Light is Blinking

This happens during the first start of the vehicle. The airbag light starts flashing. It usually goes out when you stop and start again. This is when the airbag mechanism is not ready for sudden swelling.

As is known, the air bag system works by firing compressed gas. This system is activated when the vehicle is first started, and the light goes out when it enters the circuit. If an immediate problem occurs, a continuous flashing occurs. If it stops, it may be a minor system problem.

2-)  The Airbag Lamp Never Lights

The airbag warning light must be turned ON directly while operating the vehicle. Then it goes out in a few seconds, if it does not light at all;

  1. Bulb may be exploded on the instrument panel.
  2. May be intentionally dislodged.
  3. Indication Circuits May Have Problems

In this case it will be necessary to connect the vehicle to the computer in order to learn whether the airbag is working or not.

3-) If the Airbag Light is ON Permanantly

Possible Causes of This Malfunction Lights;;

  • Failure in Safety Belt Sensor Connections
  • Seat’s Sensor Cushioning
  • Airbag Mechanism Problems
  • Steering wheel console removal and post-kit situations
  • Electrical Errors
  • If you say that it is constantly ON since I bought the vehicle;
  • It may have been repaired before.
  • Due to an accident, the vehicle’s airbags may have already been opened.

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