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Volkswagen Dash Light Meanings: Did a dashboard symbol light up in your car? If you find yourself wondering what the meaning is behind the different volkswagen dashboard warning lights, you’ve come to the right place. See what the different warning lights on your dashboard may mean…

1-) Brake System 

It means that the handbrake is active. However, if the parking brake is illuminated when the handbrake is not applied, there is a possibility that the brake assist systems may be deactivated. This lamp illuminates if the parking brake is not fully released, the brake fluid level is low or if there is a hydraulic pressure drop in one of the car’s brake circuits.

The failure of the brake fluid means that you cannot stop the vehicle when you depress the brake pedal. When you see this warning lamp, press the pedal lightly to check that your brakes are working and then stop your vehicle as soon as possible.

2-) Engine Cooling System 

The temperature lamp lights when your car’s engine is overheated. Never drive when the temperature lamp lights up. This can result in expensive motor damage. Pull the truck aside and stop the engine. Check the radiator and hoses for possible fluid leaks by opening the bonnet. Check the coolant level in the coolant reservoir.

CAUTION: Do not open the coolant tank or radiator cap until the engine has cooled down for at least 30 minutes. The steam inside the cooling system can burn you out due to the pressure! If the coolant level is low, add 50% / 50% antifreeze and a mixture of pure water after the engine has cooled down. If you do not have antifreeze, you can add water temporarily.

3-) Engine Oil Pressure 

The oil pressure warning lamp illuminates if the oil pressure required for the safe operation of the motor is too low. Pull the vehicle to the side of the road, stop the engine and check the oil level by pulling the dipstick.An oil-free motor overheats, causes friction and starts noisy operation.

If you continue to drive the engine in this way, the vehicle will wrap around the bed. Crankshaft, bearings and piston rod connection are damaged with friction. After a while these parts become irreversible and finally locked.

4-) Power Steering System 

The warning of failure on the steering system

5-) Airbag and seat belt system 

If this light flashes or lights continuously while driving, the airbag system indicates a malfunction and closes the airbag. In the event of an accident, the airbag does not operate.

6-) Vehicle Charging System 

When the charge voltage in your vehicle is low, the battery lamp in the instrument panel illuminates. You do not have to stop immediately when this lamp is lit, but you may have 20-30 minutes left until the battery is dead and the engine stops. If you drive at night and your headlights are on, this time is even less.

7-) Steering Lock 

The steering system is locked

😎 İgnition Switch 

There is something wrong with your start system

9-) Seat Belt Buckles 

Illuminates when the driver or front passenger is not fastened.

10-) Doors 

Shows on any of the doors

11-) Bannet 

The engine door is on

12-) Boot Lid 

Indicates that the boot lid of the vehicle is not open or fully closed.

13-) Recharge AdBlue 

Adblue task to reduce emissions from your vehicle to a minimum level. In the event of a fault, this warning lamp comes on.

14-) Front Asist 

Front parking signal means disabled.

15-) Electronic Parking Brake 

İt shows that the brake is disabled or the automatic gears are in the park mode.

16-) Emissions Control Lamp 

Indicates a fault in your car’s engine. However, the engine fault light may come on for a number of reasons. You should take your car to a workshop and have a computer fault finding.

17-) Diesel Particulate Filter 

Diesel particle filter is used to clean the harmful particles from the exhaust gas in diesel engines. DPF light tells you that there is a problem with the diesel particle filter of your car. It should be applied. If it does not go out, however, we should contact our service immediately.

18-) Engine Management Lamp 

A warning about the engine management system.

19-) Warning lamp indicating heating bulbs. (For diesel vehicles) 

Flashes when the ignition is switched on in diesel vehicles. The starter should be pressed after it has discharged.

20-) Engine Oil Level 

The engine oil level should be checked if it is continuously lit. If the oil level is low, it must be supplemented with the recommended / recommended engine oil.

21-) Anti-Lock Brake System 

Illumination of the warning light indicates that the ABS system has been deactivated. The brake system continues to operate without ABS.

22-) Electronic Stability Programme 

The warning flashes when this system is normally passive. This is normal. If it is lit continuously while driving, it means that it has been canceled or disabled.

23-) Tyre Pressure Monitoring 

Lights when the tire pressure drops or when a chain is attached to the vehicle. Check the tire pressures.

24-) Power Steering System 

The warning of a failure there is on the steering system.

25-) Brake Pad Monitoring

Brake pad wear warning: The brake pad is worn out, meaning that they have completed their life.

26-) Airbag and Seat Belt System 

If this light blinks or lights during driving, the airbag system indicates a malfunction and closes the airbag. In the event of an accident, the airbag does not operate.

27-) Automatic Gearbox 

There should be a problem in transmission

28-) Air Suspension 

A failure light is one of the vehicles with the air suspension

29-) Adaptive Suspension Dampers 

Symbols in the suspension system.

30-) Rear Spoiler 

Rear windows may be open or display out of the angle.

31-) Bulb Monitoring 

Brake lamps shows a problem about in braking system.

32-) Brake Lights 

A warning light that indicates that the bulb in one of your car’s brake lights is faulty.

33-) Rain and Light Sensor

Warning light that shows the light and rain sensor.

34-) Headlight range Control 

Light height adjustment should show situation.

35- Adaptive Light System

Lights open meaning of main beam.

36-) Towing hitch 

The vehicles connected to the trailer including a pipe system. This means that the connection is lost or defective.

37-) Convertible Roof 

This warning is on the cabrio vehicles.

38-) Key Not İn Vehicle 

Warning light indicating that the key is not in the car. This feature is only available on keyless vehicles.

39-) Lane Assist 

If you change lanes without signaling, the warning light is on.

40-) Press Clutch Pedal 

The brake system remains on the of the brake pedal.

41-) Windscreen Washer Fluid Level 

Glass water: This warning light is permanently switched on means that glass water is exhausted. You can fill the glass water yourself without going into service.

42-) Rear fog Lights 

Rear signal or head lights are opened.

43-) Low Fuel Level 

Fuel quantity warning: This warning indicates 7 liters of fuel remaining in the vehicle. If this fault lamp is on, even after you have been refueling your vehicle, you must contact the service.

44-) Electronic Stabilisation Programme 

When this system is normally inactive, the warning flashes. This is normal. If it is lit continuously while driving, it means that it has been canceled or disabled.

45-) Blind Spot Monitor 

Blind spot warning.

46-) Electronic Parking Brake 

Electronic Parking Brake System is activated.

47-) Airbags 

Passenger airbag is deactivated.

48-) Cruise Control 

Cruise control system is activated.

49-) Press Brake Pedal 

Adaptive cruise control warning: This warning lamp applies to vehicles with automatic transmission. Indicates that you must depress the brake pedal to move the automatic gear lever.

50- Lane Asist 

If you change the lane without signaling, it is a lit warning light.

51-) Adaptive Cruise Control (Volkswagen Dash Light Meanings)

Adaptive cruise control means activated

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